IR-4 Research

Cary Hamilton
Project Director of Field Research and Operations

Image of Cary Hamilton
Cary Hamilton

Cary Hamilton is the IR-4 Project Director of Field Research and Operations with the NMSU IR-4 Field Center.

Hamilton conducts between twelve to twenty field trials annually At Leyendeker Ag Experiment Station, following strict, federally mandated guidelines which provide pesticide residue data required for registering pest control chemicals for use in food crops. Compared to major crops, such as corn, wheat, and soybean, which are grown on millions of acres, food crops typically are grown on fewer than 300,000 acres nationwide.

"Because of the small area of production, there's no incentive for pesticide manufacturers to register products for minor uses, since the cost associated with registration exceeds projected income from sales," said Hamilton. "Although small in planted acreage, chile, pecan, onion and other food crops are extremely important to New Mexico, accounting for one-half of farm sales in the state. By serving as a bridge for federal product registration, the IR-4 Project helps provide effective pest control options for New Mexico's farmers and ranchers, while insuring safe and healthful fruits, nuts and vegetables for consumers."